No bad servers. More great games.

Keep games close to home and avoid lag-heavy matchups. Intuitively draw your own server zones, or just set a preferred server distance to have control over which servers you play on.

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Live Ping

Prepare for every match in real-time with an accurate, visual ping feed.

DumaOS Device
DumaOS Map
DumaOS Geofilter
Wide Compatibility

Geo-Filter works across many games, consistently giving you the best online experience.


Ensure your priorities come first.

Prioritise your favourite applications and devices above the rest in your home. Spread your bandwidth to what you need most, without slowing anyone else down.

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Harmonise Your Network

Congestion Control stops all queueing on your network, so nobody’s connection loses out.

Network Monitor
Network Monitor
Network Monitor
Hands-on Control

Simple sliders let you change settings on the fly.


Network-wide protection, all from your router.

Block ads on every device connected to your router: including Smart TVs, consoles, mobile apps and more.

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Always Prepared

Adblocker’s expertly crafted blacklist is regularly updated so you are always defended against new threats.

Save Time and Effort

No need for multiple installs: just set up your Adblocker once on your router to affect your whole network.

DumaOS Adblocker
DumaOS Adblocker status
DumaOS Adblocker 24 hour
Personalised Protection

Want to block specific traffic? Adding your own blocked sources is easy.

Ping Heatmap

Find the best ping for your game, anytime.

Discover the servers that give you the edge on your favourite game, no matter when you play.

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Playing the latest release?

No problem: we regularly update with new titles.

DumaOS Connection benchmark

Rapp Store

Pick and choose the features that work for you.

Don’t wait for firmware updates: enhance your router’s functionality by easily adding new features.

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Connection Benchmark

Learn the true strength of your connection.

Online speedtests are not a true depiction of your connection. Run a pure line test from your router to check you are getting the quality you pay for.

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Monitor and Track

Easily compare your previous test for consistency with clear grading.

DumaOS Connection benchmark

Traffic Controller

Bespoke control over your network.

Decide who uses your connection by setting the rules – literally. Automatically freeze the internet on your own schedule for any of your network devices.

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Custom Control

Kids supposed to be using the PC for schoolwork? Block access to streaming, games and other specific traffic for minimal distraction.

Set Routine

Block traffic on specific applications or devices with ease, be it the kids bedtime or for improved network security.

DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark


What matters to you, when it matters.

Only you know which DumaOS features are most important to you. Organise and interact with your favourites at a glance on your custom dashboard.

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Network Monitor
Ping Graph
Flexible Customisation

Resize and reorganise feature panels to suit your use.

Network Monitor

See who, or what, is causing your game to lag.

Break down your live network usage to spot greedy programs and devices.

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Stop Guessing
Find out which applications are eating up your bandwidth with real-time analysis.

Network monitor Snapshot
Network Overview
Track lag spikes with a live graph of your recent ping.
Network monitor overview
Network mnonitor categories
Network monitor application overview

Hybrid VPN

Control which traffic and devices go through your VPN.

Apply your VPN on any device or application in your home - including consoles and smart TVs.

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Hybrid VPN setup
Hybrid VPN traffic
Highly Compatible

Works with all OpenVPN providers.

Device Manager

Clarity and control over your network.

Easily identify and manage the devices connected to your network.

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Device Manager devices
Device manager background
Device manager settings