Fraser: My Netduma journey – in 10 Images!

Posted by Test Engineer at Netduma
20 May

My name is Fraser, I am the Product Support Manager at Netduma. I have been working at Netduma since Summer 2014, six months before we launched.

 I thought it would be fun to show you my Netduma story from start to present in 10 images.

1. I was browsing the eSports sub-reddit when I came across this video. It was the first ever look into the Netduma router. It totally blew me away with what it could do.


2. The video explained they were giving out beta units, I instantly signed up and hoped for the best. Then, a few weeks later, I received this email:


Beta Test email!

I was very excited and happy to have been accepted!


3. Iain, the lead developer, personally drove down to deliver the router to me in person.

This is the moment Iain gave me my Netduma router, it was only the 3rd Netduma R1 Router to ever be made (after Iain’s development version)


4. I couldn’t believe how powerful the router was when beta testing it. I volunteered to help Netduma out in anyway I could. I truly believed in the product and wanted as many people to experience it as possible.

The first ever event representing Netduma at Gfinity!

Iain asked me to attend Gfinity with him. I had a lot of fun watching all the tournaments, especially the CS:GO tournament.


5. A little later we went to another event, i52 in Coventry, this time to hand deliver the routers to…drum roll please…

At iSeries,  our first major partnership with Epsilon Esports!

Epsilon eSports! Iain, Luke and I are in the middle


6. Over the Summer I continued to help test the router & get as many games supported, ready for our launch in December.

Testing at Iain's house. Looking creepy as hell...

Testing pre-launch at Iain’s house. Running on 0 sleep and a lot of red bull, hence looking pretty bad here!


7. In Spring 2015 we went to the Gadget Show Live event, we had enjoyed such a great reaction from the community that we were even nominated for an award.

We had official t-shirts (have a much better design now)! Really enjoyed the event with Luke and Iain.


8. In early Summer 2015 we moved into our first office, so I  began commuting from home after finishing University for the year. At the end of the Summer I decided to stick with Netduma and take a year break from University.

Full time at Netduma HQ! My birthday, receiving a lovely pink princess cake. It was…delicious.


9. We were in the office less than 5 months before we needed more space.

So we moved into a bigger office where we have since hired more employees!

So we moved into a bigger office where we have since hired more employees!


10. Now Summer 2016. I have decided to leave University in order to focus on Netduma.

Present day at the office! It’s been a long journey to get to this point but loving every moment of it and looking forward to the future of Netduma. It’s going to be game changing. Watch this space!

  • Fraser Casey