Introducing Jack: Netduma’s New Graphics Artist, in 10 images

Posted by Media and Product Executive
25 May

Hey there, Internet comrade! I’d like to speak to you through the screen about how I came to be a part of the exciting works at Netduma; and show you some of the art I’ve produced.

To begin at the beginning, my name is Jack Archer, and I’ve been studying Game Art and development for the past 5 years. Ceaselessly, I’ve tried to reach a hazy objective located somewhere within the Games industry – only to find the path illuminated by an unsuspecting Internet Router company. From here on, I’ll be working on graphics interfaces, animations, logos, and other cool stuff for all you Duma knights to enjoy!

This is my ridiculously messianic face. Don't worry,  the blog can only go up from here.

1: This is my ridiculously messianic face. Don’t worry, the blog can only go up from here.

2: This is my style; a sort of 19th century Illustration / toon hybrid.


3: I’ve been commissioned by quite a few people since I graduated from University; including this restaurant!


4: I also specialise in digital painting; though my digital style changes every time I do it.


5: Oh, and I work in 3D too! I made this in Zbrush, and specialise in Autodesk Maya / 3DS Max. I make video game stuff!


6: As you can see, I rarely work with interface design. Or Graphic design. But I’m more than confident in learning how!

7: I’m a huge fan of H.R Geigers Alien.

8: But I’m a huger fan of Tolkein. (This is Ungoliant.) Therefore, I’m a massive nerd. Prouder than proud.


9: I’m still working on Concept Art projects in my spare time to practice my digital painting.


10: Finally, in the present day, I’m working at Netduma – on ridiculously legit graphics art such as this meatball mascot, the Ping King.

I look forward to supplying all of you Duma comrades with some top-notch graphics art to accompany your lag-free virtual genocides. In future blogs, I’ll be talking about the relevance of graphics in router interfaces, and how we could work to make them a lot less complex and convoluted than most of these dusty, archaic routers. Peace out Duma fans; thanks for reading!

  • Fraser Casey

    Fantastic art Jack! Welcome to the team :)

  • Preston Barnes

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see some of the designs.