No bad servers. More great games.

Keep games close to home and avoid lag-heavy matchups. Intuitively draw your own server zones, or just set a preferred server distance to have control over which servers you play on.


A cornerstone of DumaOS, enhanced in 3.0 with improved selection tools and synergy with newcomer Ping Heatmap. Geo-filtering allows you to pick and choose which servers you want to play on and avoid the ones you don’t.

Unmatched Control

With the new Geo-Fencing tool, you can select server areas with unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Friends outside of your server zones? No problem – draw a Geo-Fence around them to keep playing together. Server is close, but causing problems? Keep it outside of your fence without excluding it’s neighbours.

Come Prepared

Want the heads up on what to expect from your game? Geo-Filter makes sure you know the match you’re stepping into with the Live Ping feed. With graphs that give you details on the servers ping, tick, send and receive rates as well as domain, you’ll quickly know which servers you want to block.

See it in action

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