DumaOS for Home

The Core of Your Home

Simplify your home connection. DumaOS’ intuitive tools are made to clear your congestion, demystify your data and give you control over your network.


Ensure your priorities come first.

Prioritise your favourite applications and devices above the rest in your home. Share bandwidth to what you need most, without slowing anyone else down.

Network Monitor
Network Monitor


Network-wide protection, all from your router.

Block ads on every device connected to your router: including Smart TVs, consoles, mobile apps and more.

DumaOS Adblocker
DumaOS Adblocker status
DumaOS Adblocker 24 hour

Connection Benchmark

Learn the true strength of your connection.

Online speedtests are not a true depiction of your connection. Run a pure line test from your router to check you are getting the quality you pay for.


Network Monitor

See who, or what, is using up your bandwidth.

Break down your live network usage to spot greedy programs and devices.

Network monitor Snapshot
Network monitor overview
Network mnonitor categories
Network monitor application overview

Traffic Controller

Bespoke control over your network.

Decide who uses your connection by setting the rules – literally. Automatically freeze the internet on your own schedule for any of your network devices.

DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark

Device Manager

Clarity and control over your network.

Easily identify and manage the devices connected to your network.

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DumaOS Device Manager
DumaOS Gaming

Gaming With DumaOS

With lag-crushing features made by and for gamers, DumaOS improves the quality and consistency of your online gameplay.

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