Network Monitor

See who, or what, is using up your bandwidth.

Break down your live network usage to spot greedy programs and devices.

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Get stats about your network connection broken down by device, application and type of traffic in real-time. Clear graphs make catching bandwidth-hogs and lag spikes easy, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting and enabling you to make informed decisions on how to get the best out of QoS.

See Everything

Each section provides live information on where your bandwidth is being used in the home. Watch live graphs indicating how much bandwidth is used per second for every device in your home. Discover how much of your network is being used by categories such as web browsing, media platforms and more.  Interested in what’s causing your phone to generate so much traffic? Simply click the device on your chart to see a full breakdown. Want to know how much bandwidth Spotify is using compared to Netflix? Click on your graph’s media segment and find out.