Network-wide protection, all from your router.

Block ads on every device connected to your router: including Smart TVs, consoles, mobile apps and more.

Always Prepared

Adblocker’s expertly crafted blacklist is regularly updated so you are always defended against new threats.

Save Time and Effort

No need for multiple installs: just set up your Adblocker once on your router to affect your whole network.

DumaOS Adblocker
DumaOS Adblocker status
DumaOS Adblocker 24 hour
Personalised Protection

Want to block specific traffic? Adding your own blocked sources is easy.

Everyone uses adblockers – you can install them on your home’s phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Or you could just use the new Adblocker in DumaOS 3.0. By blocking ads directly from your router, every device on your network feels the benefit: even difficult-to-protect devices such as Smart TVs and games consoles.

With a blacklist regularly updated inhouse at Netduma, your adblocker will always protect you from the latest sources of ads and malicious content. If you want to block specific content in your home, adding your own personal sources is flexible and easy.


What matters to you, when it matters.

Only you know which DumaOS features are most important to you. Organise and interact with your favourites at a glance on your custom dashboard.

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