What does it do?

Entirely unique and easy to use, Anti-flood eliminates congestion on your network like no other router in the world:

How will Anti-flood benefit me?

We have all been there. You have some free time to go online. Today is going to be a good day.

But not for long. Perhaps your brother is streaming an HD video, your sister is uploading photos to Facebook or your house-mate is torrenting.

Whoever it is, it’s your worst nightmare. Your Internet is drained and, to make matters worse, you’ve probably had a full blown shouting match.

With Netduma’s patent-pending Anti-flood, you can say goodbye to these household rows.

We have solved local congestion once and for all. You can now download, upload, stream and game with no increase in ping.

Even better, your family and friends will not be adversely impacted, meaning everyone in your house wins.

Isn’t this just like QoS?

For over a decade, good routers have prioritised data on your upload stream. This is usually referred to as Quality of Service (‘QoS’). The problem with QoS is people usually download far more than they upload. This is why your connection is usually asymmetric e.g. 20mb down, 2mb up.

So we tore up the manual and started again.

After three years of hard work, we have written an algorithm like no other. Anti-flood works on both your upload and your download traffic and on any connection speed, no matter if you are rocking a 50mb+ connection or you are slumming it on a <5mb connection.

Not only will Anti-flood minimise latency, it will also minimise lag spikes and packet loss.

Note for the techys: this algorithm is not an AQM derivative and unlike anything seen before.

Tell me more

We have thrown absolutely everything we could at our Anti-flood and it truly does eliminate congestion,  taking effect in a matter of seconds. Make sure you view the demo video above if you have not already done so.

Keep in mind that Anti-flood cannot increase your overall download or upload speed – that power only lies in the hands of you and your ISP.

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