What does it do?

Deny & Allow gives you the power to permanently block a bad connection to another player or a server. This means that after a laggy game, you can tell your router to never connect to that host again. Paired up with the Geo-filter, this ensures you have the greatest tools to reduce your lag-rage:

How will Deny & Allow benefit me?

Have you ever played a game that was particularly laggy? The most likely reason for the lag will be distance, which our Geo-filter addresses. The next most likely cause is the quality of the host or server you are playing on.  With Deny & Allow, you can permanently prevent your game from ever connecting to that unwanted host again.

It can also be used to white-list a friend or a great host, even if they are located outside of your Geo-filter, so you can guarantee a host or server near your home BUT still play with a friend, or a teammate, who lives further away.


Tell me more

To prevent Deny & Allow being abused to boot players, it will take effect two minutes after your game has finished. But once that time has elapsed, you can say goodbye to that stinky host, you will never have to play on it again.

Keep in mind that Deny & Allow will not prevent you from ever being in the same game as the blocked player. You could still be in a future game with them but only on someone else’s host as you cannot connect directly to each other.

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