Device Manager

Clarity and control over your network.

Easily identify and manage the devices connected to your network.

Device Manager devices
Device manager background
Device manager settings

First introduced in a previous version of DumaOS, the Device Manager allows for you to view how your network is, well, networked.

Dynamic device trees show where and how devices connect to your network, updating in real-time as devices come online. View the details of each device and give them custom labels to make them easier to identify throughout DumaOS. Meanwhile, block unknown devices that take advantage of your network.

Finally, due to popular demand Device Manager now has the power to remove all offline devices in one click. DumaOS users, old and new - you’re welcome.

Network Monitor

See who, or what, is causing your game to lag.

Break down your live network usage to spot greedy programs and devices.

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Hybrid VPN

Control which traffic and devices go through your VPN.

Apply your VPN on any device or application in your home - including consoles and smart TVs.

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