What is it?

Optimise your connection by easily controlling how your download and upload bandwidth uses your connection:

How will Device Prioritisation benefit me?

With Device Prioritisation, you decide how much of your upload or download bandwidth each device uses through a very simple interface.

If you are a gamer you can simply allocate all of your bandwidth to your gaming devices such as your Xbox, Playstation or PC.

If you are a streamer, you can also allocate your bandwidth to your streaming device, ensuring no one in your home can cause you to pixelate or buffer.

Any unneeded bandwidth is automatically given to the other devices in your home, ensuring your family and friends are not adversely impacted.

Tell me more

You will see the effect immediately, and it does not just have to be used for gaming. For example, you might have a video conference call, a large YouTube upload or the need to share bandwidth fairly among house-mates.

Make sure you read about our unique Anti-flood feature, which achieves a similar effect by eliminating congestion in your home on both your download and your upload. Paired together, these two features will mean those household arguments about who is hogging the bandwidth will become a distant memory.

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