What does the Geo-filter do?

The Geo-filter reduces the main cause of lag, distance, by guaranteeing a host close to your home.

Say goodbye to a high ping and transform the way you play online forever:

How will the Geo-filter benefit me?

By setting a distance limit from your home you will only connect to players or servers close to you.

This significantly reduces the lag for you and most of the game’s other players. The effect on your game will be very noticeable, with improved response time and fairer gameplay.

Tell me more

The Geo-filter is patent-pending and completely unique to Netduma. It works with all major console games and is transforming the online experience of thousands upon thousands of Netduma users. Read the reviews

The Geo-filter can be applied to a maximum of four devices simultaneously (all other Netduma features have no restriction).

Click here to confirm if your favourite games are compatible with the Geo-filter.

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