Hybrid VPN

Control which traffic and devices go through your VPN.

Apply your VPN on any device or application in your home - including consoles and smart TVs.

Hybrid VPN setup
Hybrid VPN traffic
Highly Compatible

Works with all OpenVPN providers.

VPNs provide that additional layer of accessibility and security required when using the internet. However, VPNs can also bottleneck your entire network, which isn’t ideal when you’re using a VPN for one specific application or device.

Enter Hybrid VPN – a DumaOS feature that allows you to specify where your VPN applies (and where it doesn’t). By linking Hybrid VPN, you decide which traffic goes through your OpenVPN provider, including consoles and smart TVs.

Device Manager

Clarity and control over your network.

Easily identify and manage the devices connected to your network.

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Rapp Store

Pick and choose the features that work for you.

Don’t wait for firmware updates: enhance your router’s functionality by easily adding new features.

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