Network Monitor

See who, or what, is causing your game to lag.

Break down your live network usage to spot greedy programs and devices.

Stop Guessing
Find out which applications are eating up your bandwidth with real-time analysis.

Network monitor Snapshot
Network Overview
Track lag spikes with a live graph of your recent ping.
Network monitor overview
Network mnonitor categories
Network monitor application overview
Get stats about your network connection, broken down by device, application and type of traffic in real-time. Clear graphs make finding bandwidth-hogs and tracking lag spikes easy, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting and enabling you to make informed decisions on how to best utilise QoS.

Ping Heatmap

Find the best ping for your game, anytime.

Discover the servers that give you the edge on your favourite game, no matter when you play.

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Device Manager

Clarity and control over your network.

Easily identify and manage the devices connected to your network.

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