Ensure your priorities come first.

Prioritise your favourite applications and devices above the rest in your home. Spread your bandwidth to what you need most, without slowing anyone else down.

Harmonise Your Network

Congestion Control stops all queueing on your network, so nobody’s connection loses out.

Network Monitor
Network Monitor
Network Monitor
Hands-on Control

Simple sliders let you change settings on the fly.

In 2014, we introduced our own QoS tool that allowed you to dedicate bandwidth to priority devices in the home. But what if you want to stream on your smart TV while gaming on your PC? Over the years, we’ve been working on the answer. Now, QoS is better than ever in DumaOS 3.0.

With our patented Application QoS you direct traffic by activity, not by device. This gives you an unparalleled level of control, just by telling DumaOS exactly what matters to you. Prefer gaming to social media? Just share the bandwidth to Gaming across all devices at once – or pick from a variety of traffic types to get the perfect mix for the flow of your home.

See it in action

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Traffic Controller

Bespoke control over your network.

Decide who uses your connection by setting the rules – literally. Automatically freeze the internet on your own schedule for any of your network devices.

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Connection Benchmark

Learn the true strength of your connection.

Online speedtests are not a true depiction of your connection. Run a pure line test from your router to check you are getting the quality you pay for.

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