Traffic Controller

Bespoke control over your network.

Decide who uses your connection by setting the rules – literally. Automatically freeze the internet on your own schedule for any of your network devices.

Custom Control

Kids supposed to be using the PC for schoolwork? Block access to streaming, games and other specific traffic for minimal distraction.

Set Routine

Block traffic on specific applications or devices with ease, be it the kids bedtime or for improved network security.

DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark
DumaOS Connection benchmark

In DumaOS 3.0, users have more control than ever over their network, devices and traffic. With Traffic Controller, traffic can be blocked based on application, device or port in accordance to your schedule.

For parents, Traffic Controller lets you easily block traffic for your kid’s devices when it's no-screen time. For smart homes, you can close internet access to your unused ports to ensure your home keeps unwanted intrusion at bay.

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No bad servers. More great games.

Keep games close to home and avoid lag-heavy matchups. Intuitively draw your own server zones, or just set a preferred server distance to have control over which servers you play on.

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Ensure your priorities come first.

Prioritise your favourite applications and devices above the rest in your home. Spread your bandwidth to what you need most, without slowing anyone else down.

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