What does it do?

VPN-Hybrid fully protects your PC game or your stream connection from a DDoS attack and, unlike a typical VPN, it will not add any lag or reduce your bandwidth:

How does it work?

A VPN is used to mask your home’s IP address from a DDoS attacker by routing your Internet traffic through a server. So in the event of an attack your VPN server is hit instead of your home’s connection, meaning you can quickly change servers and carry on gaming / streaming.

Standard VPN Solution

A Normal VPN

But there are downsides to this. When the server goes down, so will your game and stream. And to make matters worse, VPN servers are often laggy and have low bandwidth because you are connecting indirectly and sharing with lots of people. So it’s not the perfect solution.

The VPN hybrid feature solves these problems. Using a Netduma router, you can send all the traffic you trust through your normal connection, and everything else through a VPN:

VPN-Hybrid Solution

Netduma Hybrid-VPN

Game servers and twitch servers are trustworthy, but other traffic can be compromised e.g. Skype, so this means when an attacker tries to hit you offline, your VPN will go down, but your game and your stream will be completely unaffected. If used correctly, this makes it impossible for an attacker to take your game or stream down.

And if that wasn’t already good enough, because your game is on your normal connection, it is not going through a VPN server, meaning you don’t have any additional lag or limits to your bandwidth.

This is extremely simple to do, even our Mums could do it. We have demonstrated VPN-Hybrid working in this video:

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VPN services require a subscription to a VPN provider. A Google search will yield many companies that offer VPN services. The average price is around $5-$12 per month. Your VPN supplier must be OpenVPN (most of them are)

This feature is a must have for any serious PC gamer and streamer. Make sure you check out the Netduma R1’s other features that will transform your Internet connection.

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