What does it do?

Prevent DDoS attackers from holding your game or stream hostage by rapidly and easily applying a VPN to any device, including your console, tablet or smartphone:

How will this benefit me?

A major issue for gamers and streamers are DDoS attacks. These are used by malicious users to disable your connection.

A DDoS attacker is only able to target you if he knows your ‘IP address’. Your IP address is the Internet’s equivalent of your home’s postal address.

A Virtual Private Network (‘VPN’) has been used for many years to hide IP addresses. When a VPN is applied, an attacker can only target your VPN server’s IP address. This ensures that your home connection is unharmed.

Before Netduma, enabling a VPN almost always required you to install software. This means that applying VPN on any device other than a PC or a laptop was only within the reach of those with considerable networking knowledge.

The Netduma router now gives a regular user the same level of power, allowing you to easily and rapidly apply VPN on any device.

This freedom means you can choose the devices that want to be protected. For example, let’s say you have applied VPN to your console but you have left your PC outside of the VPN. If your console’s IP address is compromised then an attacker will only be able to disable your console. Your PC will be unharmed and you will be able to get your console quickly back online because switching VPN servers is so easy. Here is an illustration:


In this particular example, a streamer will be able to continue his stream even if his console is attacked, meaning he can continue to interact with his viewers whilst he reconnects his console.

Netduma do not place any restrictions on the VPN provider you wish to use and you can also apply your VPN service to multiple devices at the same time.

Tell me more?

The ease and flexibility of our VPN option has made a huge difference to some of the biggest streamers on Twitch.tv,  allowing them to quickly recover from DDoS attacks without their streams ever being forced to shutdown.

There are three points you will need to consider:

  • VPN services require a subscription to a VPN provider. A Google search will yield many companies that offer VPN services. The average price is around $5-$12 per month. Your VPN supplier must be OpenVPN (most of them are)
  • Applying VPN can increase your average ping because your connection must first travel to the VPN server. We recommend you seek a high quality VPN provider that has servers located near your home
  • VPN cannot completely prevent DDoS attacks. Instead it will ensure you are not held hostage by a DDoS attacker as your home IP address is kept private

If you are not at risk of a DDoS attack then it is unlikely you will need to use this particular feature. If you are at risk then you will not find any router which makes applying a VPN on a console this straightforward.

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