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The only router software that will fix your lag

Award-winning Features

Improve your connection, monitor your network, prevent unwanted access and take control

Simple to use

Router Apps (‘R-Apps’) fulfil all your network demands without requiring you to be tech-savvy

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Future Proofed

Each R-App is an independent program. Adding new R-Apps is as easy as on a smartphone or PC

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"I feel like I’ve graduated to the networking big leagues" Forbes

"DumaOS is packed with features [that] put it in a league of its own" KitGuru

"The best congestion management we have seen" PCGamer

"Software in a class of its own...It's easy to use, fun to play around with and delivers a wealth of useful information" IGN

"DumaOS...delivers the best performance for a range of attached devices, in ways that most other routers only aspire" TechAdvisor

"The level of customization and real-time analytics NetDuma provides is can spend as much time as you want getting your router exactly the way you need it" Cnet

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DumaOS has been developed by an elite team of networking researchers, frustrated by the poor state of existing technology.

They were determined to change the game.

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