Reduce the main cause of lag by guaranteeing a host close to your home


Eliminate congestion caused by excessive downloading or uploading. Perfect for busy homes

Deny & Allow

Played on a laggy host? You can now permanently block players or servers with bad connections


VPN-Hybrid fully protects your PC game or your stream connection from a DDoS attack


Allocate bandwidth to your favourite devices such as your PC or console. Ideal for streaming and gaming

One-click VPN

Improve your home’s security and protect against DDoS attackers on any device


5 x 1 Gigabit ports, strong wifi and a powerful processor capable of running our game changing software

Network Monitor

Viewing the data usage of every device in your home so you know who, or what, is using your Internet

Ping Stats

Real-time ping graphs for your console and even more connection info for PC gamers


Quickly setup your router to obtain the best connections possible

Always Improving

Your Netduma router just gets better and better thanks to user feedback


Ensure your gaming traffic is never queued on your home’s network, removing all local jitter