Guarantee nearby servers and players

Distance is the main reason you lag. Get the best connection for your game by blocking servers and players far away from your home.

Host Filtering

Set a distance range to always play on a local, low ping connection.

DumaOS Geofilter
DumaOS Geofilter devices
Live Ping

Get ready for every game with a real-time ping graph.

DumaOS Geofilter devices

Works with all consoles and major PC games.

"Geo-Filter works a treat; the host was always within the radius, resulting in low pings and fast, smooth gameplay."


Eliminate network congestion

QoS is the dream solution for your home. Three powerful features work together to prevent lag when your bandwidth is being used.

Avoid slow Internet

Anti-Bufferbloat stops all queuing on your network. Perfect for busy homes.

Network Monitor
Network Monitor
Allocate Bandwidth

Not all traffic is equal. Easily prioritize your favourite devices such as your PC and consoles.

Network Monitor
Automatic Priority

Gaming, Skype calls and other low-latency traffic are always sent first for the fastest connection.

"The best congestion management we have seen"

Allow and Deny

Block laggy servers and hosts

Gain mastery over your game’s host choice.

Deny Bad Connections

Immediately blacklist slow servers and opponents.

Allow Distant Friends

Whitelist teammates who live outside your Geo-Filter radius.

"As gaming routers go, this is a spectacular one"


Powerful technology, presented simply

Easily configure your network.

Pin Features

Interact with your most used settings from a single screen.


Tailor your screen by moving and resizing panels for easy control.

Network Monitor
Ping Graph
DumaOS Dashboard
Instant Effect

Perfect for quick changes while you are gaming or browsing.

"DumaOS is gaming control on steroids…lots of customization options and helpful hints for even novice router users.."

Network Monitor

Understand your Internet Usage

See who or what is causing your game to lag with in-depth bandwidth analysis.

Network Snapshot

See which devices are consuming your bandwidth in real-time.

Network monitor Snapshot
Network Overview

View bandwidth usage over the past minute to spot the cause of your lag spikes.

Network monitor overview
Network mnonitor categories
Application Breakdown

Find out which data-hungry applications are causing your slow Internet e.g. background programs on your PC.

Network monitor application overview

"The new interface is hands-down the best I've used, and I never thought I'd say this about a router but it's actually fun to go into the software"

Hybrid VPN

Protect your network

Apply your VPN provider to any device or application.

Highly Compatible

Works with all OpenVPN providers.

Hybrid VPN setup
Privacy and Performance

Take control of which traffic should go through your VPN.

Hybrid VPN traffic
Easy setup

Enable on any device, including consoles and Smart TVs.

"The control DumaOS gives you over your broadband feels almost God-like."

Device Manager

Take control of your Network

A real-time breakdown of the connected devices in your home.

Network Map

See which devices are connected to your router

Device Manager devices
Device manager background
Block unwanted devices

Great for parental control and security.

Device manager settings

"A must have…you can block devices that have found their way onto the network."