Netduma R2

Your gateway to DumaOS. Out now.


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Streamline Your Home Network

DumaOS’ extensive feature suite improves connection quality, prioritises bandwidth for what you use most, protects your entire network and more.

  • Built for Gamers
    Play on the best servers and prioritise gaming traffic
  • Built for Families
    Reduce multi-user congestion and set rules for traffic or devices
  • Built for the Future
    Stay at the forefront of new features as they release
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Improve Your Gameplay

Built by gamers for the competitive edge, DumaOS is the only router software designed to reduce lag and stabilise your gaming connection.

  • Built For Next-Gen
    Works with many popular games and platforms
  • Built For Competition
    Lowers your ping for lightning-fast response times
  • Built For Streamers
    Cuts congestion and lag caused by streaming, videos and more
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"Software in a class of its own...It's easy to use, fun to play around with and delivers a wealth of useful information" KitGuru
"The best congestion management we have seen" PCGamer
"DumaOS is packed with features [that] put it in a league of its own" IGN
"DumaOS...delivers the best performance for a range of attached devices, in ways that most other routers only aspire" TechAdvisor
"The level of customisation and real-time analytics NetDuma provides is can spend as much time as you want getting your router exactly the way you need it" Cnet
"I feel like I’ve graduated to the networking big leagues" Forbes
"The best router software I've ever used" T3

Netduma R2

Get Unfair
The R2 is your gateway to DumaOS 3.0: designed to crush lag and get you the best connection in online games, you’ll feel the difference from day one.


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Netduma R2 Netduma R2

The Future of Home Networking

DumaOS works on all major chipsets and can be quickly deployed to new hardware, making it the fastest growing platform for network management.

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