With incredible new DumaOS features alongside the speed and range of WiFi 6, the Netduma R3 reinvents the meaning of the competitive edge.

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Netduma R3

DumaOS’ extensive feature suite improves connection quality, prioritises bandwidth for what you use most, protects your entire network and more.

Netduma R3
  • Introducing DumaOS 4
    The ultimate router software to empower your play
  • Reactive RGB
    Stay informed with customisable, vivid lighting
  • Easy To Use
    Built for everyone: no tech expertise required
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R3invent your Play

Built by gamers for the competitive edge, DumaOS 4 is designed to reduce lag and stabilise your gaming connection.

  • Accelerate Your Play
    Play on the best servers for lightning-fast gaming
  • Be Unstoppable
    Play lag free, even during heavy network use
  • World-First Technology
    Geo-Filter, Steady Ping, SmartBOOST and more: only on DumaOS
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Optimise, Anytime

Gaming, video calling, streaming, it doesn’t matter: the new and improved DumaOS app lets you optimise your connection anytime from anywhere in the home.

"Software in a class of its own...It's easy to use, fun to play around with and delivers a wealth of useful information" KitGuru
"The best congestion management we have seen" PCGamer
"DumaOS is packed with features [that] put it in a league of its own" IGN
"DumaOS...delivers the best performance for a range of attached devices, in ways that most other routers only aspire" TechAdvisor
"The level of customisation and real-time analytics NetDuma provides is can spend as much time as you want getting your router exactly the way you need it" Cnet
"I feel like I’ve graduated to the networking big leagues" Forbes
"The best router software I've ever used" T3

Netduma R3

The R3 is the pinnacle of DumaOS, combining powerful hardware with unparalleled network software for ultimate online play.


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Netduma R3