The DumaOS legacy starts with gaming. Built by gamers for the competitive edge, the very latest in DumaOS 4 is designed to reduce lag and stabilise your gaming connection. You'll feel the difference from day one.

GeoFilter 2.0

No bad servers. More great games.

The DumaOS cornerstone that gives you control over the servers you play on, now more powerful than ever.

Utilizing our latest ‘Geolatency’ technology means the best servers can be filtered more effectively than ever - for practically any game with zero setup.


Steady Ping

Iron-clad ping, seamless gameplay.

Lag spikes can be just as frustrating as slow, unresponsive gameplay, but the solution is here.

The much anticipated Anti-Jitter finally arrives in DumaOS 4 as Steady Ping, allowing you to ‘lock in’ your ping and ensure every game feels as smooth as the last.

DumaOS Steady Ping
DumaOS Steady Ping


Game without interference.

Application QoS in DumaOS changed the game, but SmartBOOST takes things to an entirely new level.

SmartBOOST dynamically adjusts to give your favourite applications the exact bandwidth they need to perform at their best.

The result? A seamless experience where nobody loses out, even when your network is stretched thin.


Ping Optimiser

Give gaming the VIP treatment.

If your home has a lot of devices connected at once, congestion can bring your network to a standstill. Enter Ping Optimiser, lowering latency with our patented Congestion Control.

Ping Optimiser begins with a speedtest on steroids, ran directly from your router to avoid interference.

From there, DumaOS tweaks settings to ensure your gameplay stays ahead of congestion.

DumaOS Steady Ping
DumaOS Steady Ping

RGB Trisect

Intelligent insight, powerful presence.

The reactive RGB lighting in the Netduma R3 utilises multiple responsive patterns and colors, allowing for personalisation in DumaOS 4 so your R3 matches your setup.

On top of that, the RGB trisect updates to indicate live gaming prioritisation, updating you on network status at a glance.

DumaOS RGB Trisect

Ping Heatmap

Find the best ping, anytime.

Discover servers that give you the edge on your favourite game, whenever you play. The essential counterpart to Geofilter, Ping Heatmap changes the way you play your favourite games.

With Ping Heatmap, you can visualise your latency to every server for your favourite game – put simply, you’ll see which servers give you the smoothest gameplay.

DumaOS Ping Heatmap

Network Activity

Get the full picture of your network.

Breakdown your network usage to spot programs/devices that are hogging bandwidth, in real-time or over any range of time.

Clear graphs make catching bandwidth-hogs and lag spikes easy, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting and informing your decisions on how to best use DumaOS.

DumaOS Network Activity

Device Manager

Oversee your entire home.

Easily identify connected devices and manage their network access and interaction.

Dynamic device trees show how your network is connected. Name and categorise each device to make them easier to identify while blocking unknown devices that take advantage of your network.

DumaOS Device Manager


Network-wide protection, all from your router.

Block ads and malware directly from your router, protecting every device on your network: even hard-to-protect devices such as Smart TVs and games consoles.

And with a blocklist regularly updated by Netduma, your Adblocker will always protect you from the latest sources of ads, tracking and malicious content.

DumaOS Adblocker

Network Rules

Bespoke control over your network.

Decide who uses your connection by setting the rules – literally. Automatically freeze the internet on your own schedule for any of your network devices.

With Network Rules, users now have more control than ever over their network, devices and traffic. Internet access/usage can be blocked based on application, device or port aligned to your schedule.

DumaOS Network Rules

Hybrid VPN

Only VPN what matters.

VPNs provide that additional layer of accessibility and security required when using the internet. However, VPNs can also bottleneck your entire network, which isn’t ideal when you’re using a VPN for one specific thing.

Hybrid VPN solves this by allowing you to choose how you apply your VPN. By linking Hybrid VPN with your OpenVPN provider, you decide which traffic and devices use it.

DumaOS Hybrid VPN
"Software in a class of its own...It's easy to use, fun to play around with and delivers a wealth of useful information" KitGuru
"The best congestion management we have seen" PCGamer
"DumaOS is packed with features [that] put it in a league of its own" IGN
"DumaOS...delivers the best performance for a range of attached devices, in ways that most other routers only aspire" TechAdvisor
"The level of customisation and real-time analytics NetDuma provides is can spend as much time as you want getting your router exactly the way you need it" Cnet
"I feel like I’ve graduated to the networking big leagues" Forbes
"The best router software I've ever used" T3

Netduma R3

The R3 is the pinnacle of DumaOS, combining powerful hardware with unparalleled network software for ultimate online play.


Netduma R3