DumaOS DPI Update – April 2023

 13th Apr, 2023
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We recently uploaded a video to our YouTube channel going over a new backend DumaOS tool called Auto DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). This is the first large scale update that the team are currently pushing to the cloud. This means if your router is running the newest firmware (currently 3.3) then it will automatically download the DPI update.

But what does this mean for users? Well, DumaOS will be able to recognize the traffic of the games and applications listed below faster than ever. Allowing you to prioritize said traffic on your network, ensuring nothing else gets in the way of what’s important to you.

Automatic DPI allows us to get new games and services supported by DumaOS quicker than ever. If you would like to suggest a game or service to be included in future DPI updates click here.