DumaOS Announcement – The Router Revolution is coming soon

Posted by Test Engineer at Netduma
19 Jul

In 2017 we will be launching DumaOS, a new router operating system. It will completely change how we all perceive & use routers. This Router Revolution will be available,  for free,  to all our existing & future NETDUMA users.

DumaOS consists of:

  • An entirely new OS for your NETDUMA – Unlocking the full potential of your router for the first time in history
  • Completely redesigned interface – Highest level of performance and yet easy to use
  • Even better QoS – You already have the best QoS but now it’s even more powerful, squeezing every last drop of performance with patent pending anti-jitter & anti-spike technology
  • Existing features upgraded – We’ve improved all the functionality you know and love

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  • Fraser Casey

    Let us know your thoughts!

  • Appreciate the fact that existing customers won’t have to purchase new hardware to get these new features. Can’t wait!

  • Brandon Francis

    Excellent news. It’s working great presently. Can’t wait to see the improvements!

  • RedRen

    Any firm release data? If I bought the current version I could just upgrade when the new OS is released correct?

    • Josh Noble

      Yes, that is what the post is saying. I bought mine this week. What a difference!

      • RedRen

        So you can tell a difference with the Netduma when you game? Just want to make sure I’m getting the best bang for the buck.

    • NetdumaFraser

      Yes as Josh says, that’s correct :)

  • Josh Noble


  • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon


  • Eric

    Is new hardware being released alongside the new DumaOS?

    • NetdumaFraser

      Right now we’re just focusing on improving the software as much as possible

  • MitchWindoo

    When you say router OS, does that mean you will make the software available to flash onto other routers besides the NetDuma?

    • NetdumaFraser

      No, it will be on the current hardware

  • IREWolfman

    Looking at getting a Netduma this month. Is the new OS out yet? Going to connect it to my Netgear D7000.

    • NetdumaFraser

      It’ll be out in Autumn. Only just saw this comment but great to see that you won our Twitter giveaway!

  • Ryan Booth

    I’ve had a netduma in the past, not sure if my setting were all correct but I only seen a few small differences with that router.. But like I said my settings may not have been perfect so idk.. Imma buy another one and see if I can do the settings a different way to have optimum usage