Netduma and Nokia Join Forces: A New Partnership to Revolutionise Telecommunications

 20th Mar, 2024
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With home internet environments becoming busier than ever, it’s crucial to ensure seamless connectivity for activities like high-definition streaming, work-from-home meetings, and online gaming. To tackle this challenge, Netduma has partnered with Nokia. At Netduma, we’ve always been committed to delivering solutions to enhance your home internet experience. Teaming up with Nokia means we can now extend our innovative #SmartBOOST solution to even more households worldwide.


Nokia Unveils Corteca Developer Toolkit and Marketplace Expansion

Nokia has introduced a partnership with Netduma and a new toolkit to boost the Corteca developer ecosystem. The Corteca Developer Toolkit is an open-source software bundle that provides developers with the necessary tools to create applications that enhance service providers’ home internet offerings. With Nokia’s new tools, developers can create new applications for the Corteca Marketplace more quickly and at a lower cost

Service providers are increasingly seeking applications for home broadband devices that can enhance broadband services and customer satisfaction. To address this demand, Nokia’s Corteca Developer Toolkit simplifies the process of creating and implementing value-added applications for operators and developers. This toolkit not only opens up new business opportunities for application partners but also offers virtualization platforms and open-source software to third-party developers, enabling them to quickly develop and test apps for use in Nokia broadband devices running Corteca device software.

Nokia partners with NetdumaSource: Nokia

Developers can then upload their apps to the Corteca Marketplace platform on Nokia’s Corteca Cloud. This allows operators to test, install, and update any app on their network and broadband devices. In addition to centrally managing which applications are available to their customers, service providers can monitor the performance and usage of each loaded application. By streamlining this process, Nokia’s Corteca Developer Toolkit helps both developers and service providers deliver better broadband experiences to end-users.


Here are the takeaway of the most important things to know:

  • Through Nokia’s Corteca Marketplace, operators may easily and quickly create new applications for home broadband devices by using the Nokia Corteca Developer Toolkit.
  • Service providers may increase the value of their broadband offerings, create new revenue streams, and improve user experiences by developing new value-added applications for home broadband devices.
  • Nokia has added eleven new applications including Netduma SmartBOOST to its cloud-based Corteca Marketplace. Service providers may browse, test, and install apps across Nokia broadband devices.

Beginning in the second quarter of 2024, developers, partners, and service providers will have access to Nokia’s Corteca Marketplace and its 11 new applications including Netduma SmartBOOST.


Luke Barlow, CEO & Co-Founder, at Netduma said:

“With home internet environments becoming ever busier thanks to high definition video streaming, work-from-home meetings and online gaming services, delivering the best possible quality of service so consumers can enjoy buffering-free video, smooth, lag-free gaming and non-stuttering web meetings is more vital than ever. All internet subscribers deserve to enjoy the ultimate quality of experience. With millions of devices deployed, Nokia’s extensive reach into the home makes them an ideal partner to extend the reach of our SmartBOOST solution.“


Netduma Driving Innovation with Global Leaders Since 2014

Partnering with industry giants such as Telstra, EE, NETGEAR, NOKIA and Mercku we’re committed to revolutionising broadband technology and enhancing connectivity worldwide. To learn more please visit our partners website.


Netduma SmartBOOST

SmartBOOST is CPE-native software that greatly enhances the quality of a consumer’s home internet experience (referred to as ‘QoE’). Netduma SmartBOOST ensures seamless web meetings for work, low-latency gaming, and high-quality streaming, leading to increased customer satisfaction. This reduces customer turnover and technical support costs, while increasing activations, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and enhancing the service provider brands.

Netduma SmartBOOST

Netduma SmartBOOST UI

Netduma Solutions Delivers Unmatched Benefits for ISPs

  • Achieves an average >95% reduction in latency under load: 14.4ms vs. 136.6ms* with no bandwidth loss.
  • Ensures a 5/5 maximum Quality of Experience across all QoE-sensitive applications.
  • Provides consistent WiFi performance through prioritisation, typically resulting in >200% average latency.
  • improvement in a busy home network.
  • Monitors and measures QoE for >250 applications.
  • Offers same-day detection for new applications.
  • Guarantees the lowest latency gaming servers for responsive gameplay.
  • Minimises online gaming jitter by up to 20ms.
  • Requires less than 1% CPU usage from your CPE.

Netduma’s user interface ensures that SmartBOOST capabilities and status reporting are readily accessible and user-friendly. The UI can also be tailored and branded to meet the customer’s preferences. The mobile user interface seamlessly integrates into any native mobile application, thanks to its adaptable design framework. This provides customers with full control over its appearance, ensuring it retains the look and feel of an in-house product. Press here to find out more on how we integrate.