Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Server Locations

 17th Nov, 2022
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MW3 Warzone is finally here, and it’s time to drop in. A new map, new game modes, new weapons, and a load more changes to adjust to, but what never changes – lag sucks. This is where we come in. As tradition, another Call of Duty title means another server location map from Netduma. Nothing is going to slow you down more in Urzikstan than network issues – that’s why it’s crucial to know the best servers to connect to.

The main reason you will be lagging when playing Warzone is being connected to a far away server. The further the distance between your PC or console and the server, the higher your ping will be, it’s as simple as that. As you can see from the map graphic below, Warzone has a lot of servers ranging across the world.

Dedicated server locations as of April 2024

You can probably see at least a few servers dotted around your location, so surely, you’ll connect to these servers every time? Well, maybe but it all depends on the Warzone matchmaking system.

When searching for a lobby the game will match you with other players depending on three factors. Your skill level (SBMM), how long you have been searching for a game and your location in relation to other players and the server. Most of the time the game cannot perfectly balance all three factors. This may result in you connecting to a far away server because you have been searching for a long time.

So, what can we do with this information? Well, if you are serious about Warzone and want to take control of what servers you play on then you’re going to need DumaOS. With a range of powerful features that will completely eliminate lag from your network.

The Geo-Filter feature allows you to block connections to far away servers. It does this by creating a custom filter radius around your location. This means you only connect to local, low ping servers every single game.

The Ping Heatmap feature provides server location information for a range of popular games. Fun fact: this is the tool we use to create the server location maps for these blogs. As well as server locations, Ping Heatmap is also colour coded with ping values showing you the best servers to connect to.

Something to consider, even if you are connecting to local servers, server health issues could affect your connection. This could be common during launch weekend and peak times as the servers will be under heavy load. Sites like DownDetector and the Call of Duty’s Server Status Page are useful to check if you are experiencing lag on a usually stable connection.