DumaOS Mobile Application Update: Network Monitor

 30th Jul, 2021
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Sick of having to go to your PC to see who is using all of the bandwidth?

Good news: the newest update to the DumaOS mobile application has added support for one of our most requested features, Network Monitor.

Fully optimized for mobile usage with a new and improved design, Network Monitor gives you the ability to see what devices and traffic types are causing slowdowns across your network with real time graphs. QoS (Quality of Service) can then be adjusted on the fly to get the most out of your bandwidth – all from the comfort of your sofa.

If you want to find out what Network Monitor can do for your network, check out the feature breakdown. If reading isn’t your thing, here’s a 60 second explanation video going over what everything does:

With five supported DumaOS features and plans to add more of your favourites in the future, it’s the best time to download the app. Our app is available as an alpha version for Android and iOS, download links can be found bellow.

If you have managed to stumble onto this blog post without being a DumaOS user and you’re interested in then check out our R2 gaming router which comes with DumaOS 3.0 installed.