CS:GO Server Locations

 18th Aug, 2021
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CS:GO has been around for almost a whole decade now: its fair to say that the servers are consistently distributed across the world. You can probably see a server that is located close to where you live just from this map.

Here are the server locations for Counter Strike Global Offensive as of August 2021.

What are the best CS:GO servers?

The best server for you is generally the server that is located closest to you. This is because the closer the server, the less distance the data has to travel – meaning lower ping.

If you’re not a DumaOS user, the best way to find out which servers provide the best ping would be a Ping Test. Note, this only provides information about the dedicated servers CS:GO uses and not community browser servers.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to your local server: even if it’s close in proximity, your connection quality can still differ depending on the server status. If you experience lag on a usually stable connection, it may be worth checking if the servers are experiencing any issues here.

You can get more information about nearby servers with Ping Heatmap, one of the latest features in DumaOS. It’s the best way to see which server will give you the best gaming performance, by visualizing the ping of each dedicated server for CS:GO. This will help you to make decisions about which servers to cherry-pick in the future.

Now you know what the best server is for you, we can ensure that your games are played exclusively on that server using the Geo-Filter feature of DumaOS. By creating a filter region which contains the closest server/s, connection to servers located outside of the region will be blocked – meaning local and low ping games, every time.