DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

 27th Jan, 2017
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Development Progress

We are pleased to announce that the development of DumaOS, our new router operating system, is progressing very well and testing is underway. As a reminder, DumaOS will be available for free to all our users, and it consists of:
  • An entirely new OS for your NETDUMA – Unlocking the full potential of your router for the first time in history
  • Completely redesigned interface – Highest level of performance and yet easy to use
  • Even better QoS – You already have the best QoS but now it’s even more powerful, squeezing every last drop of performance with patent pending anti-jitter & anti-spike technology
  • Existing features upgraded – We’ve improved all the functionality you know and love
Further, DumaOS is so fluid and flexible that once launched, we will be able to roll out new features and upgrades at a speed never seen on routers before. We are so excited about the potential of this software and the amazing features we will be creating for our users.

Testing – Update as of 24 March 2017

DumaOS is currently going through a closed beta and the feedback so far has been very positive. We’re now getting close to a fully stable version and once we reach that point we will expand the testing to more of our closed beta testers before then expanding the testing to a full open beta. Here is a screenshot of one of the features on DumaOS, the ‘Dashboard’. This allows you to pin your favourite features onto one single screen to create a master page from which you can control DumaOS. Have fun speculating what each feature is for! You can discuss DumaOS with other Netduma users on our community forum here. If you would like to receive updates on DumaOS, please enter your email address below: Loading…