DumaOS DPI Update – June 2023

 23rd Jun, 2023
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The latest monthly update for DPI has arrived, bringing with it support for several exciting new game releases such as Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6. In addition, many other popular games and applications have been added to the list of supported titles. To provide you with a comprehensive overview, below you’ll find a complete list of everything that’s been included in this latest update. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed RPGs or intense fighting games, there’s something in this update that’s sure to enhance your gaming experience.

If this is the first DPI update you have seen, or maybe the first you have heard of DPI, then we have a video explaining the feature here. The TL;DW of it is DumaOS will be able to recognize game traffic faster and more accurately than ever before. DPI also allows us to add new game releases to DumaOS quicker than ever, so it won’t be uncommon to see a new game supported by DumaOS within days of its release.

New games added:

Diablo 4

Street Fighter 6

GTA Online

Destiny 2

Gran Turismo 7

Killer Instinct



Improved Support:



Ookla Speedtest

Other Additions:

Apple TV+

PlayStation Download


Xbox Download

Automatic DPI allows us to get new games and services supported by DumaOS quicker than ever. If you would like to suggest a game or service to be included in future DPI updates click here.