Valorant (2024) Server Locations

 26th Jan, 2024
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You need pinpoint accuracy and reactions to succeed in Valorant. This means having the mechanical ability, and more importantly a strong and stable connection as well. To ensure you have the best connection, you want to be playing on the best servers. We have compiled a server location graphic to show you exactly where the Valorant game servers are located.

How to Play on the Best Servers with DumaOS

You are able to select server preferences before you search for a game in Valorant. You’ll want to select the servers that will give you the lowest ping here. You’ll be able to see, the servers with the lowest ping in-game are probably the ones that are located closest to you.

If you want to guarantee you only play on the best servers is by using DumaOS’ Geo-Filter. Its one of many powerful features included within DumaOS, that allows you to control what servers you play on. This is important because connecting to a far away servers means your data has to travel further. Resulting in higher ping, which is not ideal for a tactical shooter, like Valorant.

The Geo-Filter works by creating an adjustable radius around your location. When filtering is enabled, you will only connect to servers within your set radius. Using the map graphic above, or the Ping Heatmap feature, you can adjust your filter to only include servers that are close to you and therefor have the lowest ping.

We have a whole video showing off the new Geo-Filter 2.0 update. This covers how it works and how it can improve your connection, and your gameplay. Check it out below if you want to learn more about it:

If you are suffering from network issues in Valorant, we have a complete connection optimisation guide which you can check out here. Whether its high ping, an unstable connection or packet loss, this guide has a fix for them all.