Fortnite Server Locations

 6th Dec, 2022
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Fortnite Chapter 5 is here! We have tested the new update with DumaOS and have the newest server location information to show you.

Nothing will slow down your connection more than playing on far away servers. It’s the main thing that will be causing you to experience high ping and lag. The further away the server you are connecting to is, the higher your ping will be.

Dedicated server locations as of December 2022

You’d hope to connect to local servers every time you search for a game in Fortnite.  Although the matchmaking system may allocate you to a far away server due to lobby balancing. The main factors the matchmaking system looks at are Skill level (SBMM), your location and how long you have waited for a game.

If the game cannot find a balance between these factors, it causes problems. For example, in a situation where the game sees you have been waiting a long time for a game, it may connect you to a far away server to get you into a game quicker. This means your connection will suffer as your ping will be higher.

Therefore, it is crucial to know where your local and low ping servers are, and that’s where we come in. Using our Ping Heatmap feature, we have created a server location map for Fortnite (and loads of other games, which you can find here). This way even if you are not a DumaOS user, you still know the server locations. Although, if you want to use this information to improve your connection and lower your ping, you are going to want to use DumaOS’ Geo-Filter.

The Geo-Filter works by creating a radius around your location which blocks connection to servers located outside of it. Using the map graphic, or Ping Heatmap you can find the server locations to include within your radius. Now when searching for a game you will only be connected to local low ping servers, every time.

Something to consider, even when connecting to a local server, if the server status. If the server is experiencing issues your connection quality will be affected. If you want check the status of the Fortnite servers you can check them here. Fortnite also has an official Twitter page dedicated to posting updates regarding servers and updates. Sites like Down Detector show user submitted server issues so you can see if anyone else is experiencing issues with connection.