Our Latest Milestone: Game Optimiser from Telstra

 16th Sep, 2020
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It’s coming up to six years since we first launched Netduma from Iain’s parent’s kitchen. We were a bunch of gamers with a cool idea, but no real idea how well it would do. There’s been some big moments along the way: the R1 selling out within minutes of launch, partnering with NETGEAR on their Nighthawk Pro Gaming range, the Netduma R2 etc. Each of these landmarks have enabled us to grow our team, which means that we can make even more features for DumaOS. Today is the latest in the line of big moments. We are partnering with Telstra, the biggest ISP in Australia, to launch Game Optimiser: a subscription that lets gamers download DumaOS directly onto their Telstra modems. Why is this a big deal? Because for the first time, gamers can get DumaOS without committing to buying new hardware. Working with Telstra on Game Optimiser has helped us reach out to an entire country, and it’s been great to work with an ISP who are genuinely in touch with what matters to gamers. It’s amazing to see how Netduma has gone from one home into millions. Here are the details: The beta for Game Optimiser is set to run from 22 September to 9 November. Participation is open to all eligible Telstra nbn fixed broadband customers with an eligible Smart modem. Instructions on eligibility and how to participate in the beta can be found at telstra.com/game-optimiser, as well as details of the PC and mobile platforms used to operate Game Optimiser.