Rocket League Server Locations

 28th Sep, 2021
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Rocket league doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon – so neither should your connection. Knowing the best servers to play on is crucial for such a fast paced and mechanically intensive game as Rocket league. We’re back with another server location map, so you can see just from a glance your local servers.

Here are the current Rocket League servers as of September 2021.

The number of servers may surprise you, especially around the US and Europe compared to other popular online games. This is because most servers on the map (Other than Washington and Mumbai from our research) are data centers, which are basically a cluster of multiple servers. If you have looked into the game’s settings, you may have noticed the region selector before going into a game – these correspond with the data centers on our map.

The best server for you, is generally the closest one to your location – as the data must travel less leading to lower ping.  

We know Rocket League uses data centrers; we can assume the closest one to you will still provide the lowest ping. Although just because it’s location is in close proximity to you, the quality of the servers included may vary. You can check the status of Rocket League servers here.

This is also why you may experience laggy games when using the region selector to limit your games to the lowest ping region.

The best way to be able to visualise the ping for each Rocket League server is to use the Ping Heatmap feature of DumaOS. This is the tool that we use to plot the server location maps for these blogs!

Once you know exactly what servers give you the lowest ping – and the best online gaming experience, you will be able to include them in your Geo-Filter radius. Another feature of DumaOS which will block connections to server that are located outside of your radius. Ensuring you play on local servers every time.