CoD: MW3 Servers Locations

 13th Oct, 2023
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Here we go again. Another year, another Call of Duty title, which can only mean another Netduma server location blog. We have thoroughly tested MW3 during the early access beta to get it onto DumaOS as soon as possible. This lets DumaOS users get the best possible connection during the remaining beta weekends. MW3 is currently supported in Geo-Filter, Ping Heatmap and DPI. Upon full release we will test the game again to make sure all of this information is still accurate. This blog will also be updated.

What are the Best MW3 Servers?

Whether you’re playing during the beta weekends, or at launch, you’ll want to have the best connection possible. To do this, you’ll want to play on local MW3 servers. Connecting to far away servers means your game data has to travel further, which results in an increase in ping.

Using the server locations we have included in this blog you can choose the servers closest to you to include within your Geo-Filter radius. DumaOS users can also use Ping Heatmap for the most up to date server information and performance.

If you have been filtering previous Call of Duty titles, you should check if your existing filters still cover the new server locations. Call of Duty tend to use similar servers for each yearly release so you may not have to change your current set up too much.

At launch, or during the open beta, there will be a huge amount of players online. This heavy load to the servers could result in internal server issues, which may negatively affect your connection quality. If you are experiencing lag, or issues signing in, it may be worth checking the Call of Duty Online Service status. You can also check the Call of Duty Downdetector to see if other players are reporting issues.

Lagging in MW3?

If your connection is ruining you K/D ratio in MW3, then you are in the right place. We have a full written guide on how to fix high ping, packet loss and ping spikes that you can check out here. If you don’t want to read a blog, we have also made a video version that you can check out below.