Network Myths #2: Do you need high speed bandwidth for Gaming?

Posted by Test Engineer at Netduma
13 Jun

Our second Network Myths video is discussing if high speed internet is needed for gaming. We show you why for pure gaming, it’s not.

Let us know what you think/if you have any ideas for future myths we could talk about in the comments of the video.

  • Synthetiksoul

    I notice that at certain times of the day my internet will be faster or slower. Usually around 7-8am and 5-9pm I get the most lag in my gaming experience. If it is the ping then why would the travel time depreciate in certain times of the day? I will add this is a 4G router I am currently using.

    • EB Gaming

      To answer your question it is because the Internet speed you pay for is shared between 5 or so other customers of the ISP you have and during those times the other people are also home and are using the bandwidth that is shared between all of you making you lag. Which is why at midnight on your connection will be great because usually people are asleep by then.

  • Alex Larsen

    One of the biggest determining factors you left out is the quality of the netcode in a game. To use an example, I started out gaming on a 56k connection playing games like Tribes and CS Beta. On Tribes I could easily get sub-100ms pings on a GameSpy server, yet on a CS GameSpy server located in the same building I’d be lucking to dip below 200ms.

    Also, I would quibble that bandwidth doesn’t affect ping. When I finally switched to DSL, my ping dropped dramatically. Nowadays I’m on a 75Mbps cable connection and frankly I don’t have a problem paying the $50/mo for it. When cable internet first became available to customers, here in the States you would pay $60/mo for a 768k connection.

    • NetdumaFraser

      ‘Netcode’ can be a factor yes. That is not necessarily the case, not everyone who switches will get a better ping. Nor will increasing bandwidth always decrease the base ping. Going from something like a 56k connection – DSL would definitely be an improvement just from the massive upgrade of infrastructure. I don’t believe many people are on 56k connections anymore though. So this is more related to current day connections and unfortunately people can still have terrible pings.