Multiversus Server Locations

 4th Aug, 2022
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With the release of the open beta, you can now finally know the answer of who would win in a fight – Shaggy or Superman? Of course, this is only possible in Multiversus, the newest platform fighter on the scene.

Every frame counts in fighting games, that’s why your connection quality is so important to ensure your combos go through as you pressed them. With a big release like this, you can expect a lot of players to be jumping online and filling up the servers. This is where we come in. Using our Ping Heatmap feature we have found the location of each game server for Multiversus and created this handy graphic for you.

Knowing the best server to connect to is crucial for a low and steady ping whilst playing. In most cases the best server/s for you are the ones located the closest to you. This is because the lower the distance your data has to travel to the server, the lower the ping is going to be.

Once you have identified your closest server/s, you can use Geo-Filter to ensure that you will only connect to these servers. No need to worry about connecting to servers halfway across the world with high ping. Connection to servers outside your set Geo-Filter radius will be blocked.

Something else to consider with a game launch is the individual server status. Even if the server is next to your house, if it is experiencing technical issues then your connection will be affected. The best way to stay up to date with the current server status is the Multiversus official Twitter.