Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Server Locations

 16th Sep, 2022
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Another Call of Duty title means another server location map from yours truly. Like last year we have completed our testing during the first beta weekend. This means we can provide server location information before the Modern Warfare II full release. Users can use DumaOS features during the beta weekends for the best possible connection.

Call of Duty dedicated server locations
Current server locations found from Modern Warfare II beta – September 2022

Strategies for Lag-Free Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay: Optimizing Server Selection with DumaOS Features

To get the best gameplay experience from the beta weekends, you want to be playing on local low ping servers. This is because the further away the server you connect to, the longer data must travel, which causes high ping. With so many players online, especially during the open beta weekends, you want to ensure you aren’t connecting to far away servers.

Using the server locations we have included in this blog you can choose the servers closest to you to include within your Geo-Filter radius. DumaOS users can also use Ping Heatmap for the most up to date server information and performance.

With the release of the full game in October, we will test the servers again in case anything has changed. Ping Heatmap and Geo-Filter will be available for DumaOS users on day one for Modern Warfare II.

If you already filter Call of Duty games regularly, you should check if your existing filters still cover the new server locations. Call of Duty tend to use similar servers for each yearly release so you may not have to change your current set up too much.

As there will be a huge number of players online at peak times, some server issues may occur. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to fix this, its up to the game developers to fix any server-based issue. We recommend checking Call of Duty’s Online Services Status if you are experiencing lag when playing on a usually stable or local server.