Coming to DumaOS 3.0: Adblocker

 23rd Jul, 2020
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No one likes to be swamped with ads when they’re online. But for many, it’s time consuming to install an adblocker on every device you own, not to mention it’s near impossible to block ads on your Smart TV or inside mobile apps.

The DumaOS Adblocker solves this problem. By having an Adblocker that runs on your router, you can block adverts across your entire network with just one click. Adblocker applies to every connected device including your Smart TV, consoles and mobile apps, and can be enabled, disabled or paused any device independently.

Adblocker is loaded with lists for ads, tracking and malware which are kept up to date through the cloud, meaning you’ll always be blocking at max capacity. With support for your own custom blacklists, there’s nothing Adblocker can’t block.

Blocking unwanted traffic on your network will not only speed up your web browsing, but can get you in the game faster – with no adverts to contend with in mobile games, your gaming will be unimpeded and instant.

Adblocker is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS 3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.

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