Warzone Pacific Server Locations

 3rd Sep, 2021
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Being a free to play title, Warzone has amassed a huge fanbase and has become one of the top games in the Battle Royale genre. This huge player base has been supported by the already established servers from the rest of the premium Call of Duty series with worldwide coverage – you can probably see a server close to your location just from a glance at the map.

The locations of Warzone Pacific dedicated servers as of December 2021.

What are the best Warzone servers?

The best servers for you, is generally the closest one to you – as the data must travel less, leading to lower ping.

Something to consider, just because you are connected to a local server, your connection quality may vary depending on the status of the server. When you experience sudden influxes in lag, on a usually stable connection it may be worth checking if the servers are experiencing any issues here.

If you are interested in how we get the information to create these map graphics, we use the DumaOS Ping Heatmap feature. It’s the best way to see what servers will give you the best gaming experience – by visualizing the ping of each Warzone server. With this information, we know what servers we want to be playing on.

Now we know what the best servers are, we can use another DumaOS feature – Geo-Filter, to ensure games are played exclusively on these low ping servers. By creating a filter region around your home location, connection to servers outside the region are blocked. Leading to local games and low ping, every time.

Because Warzone has so many servers (Especially around Europe and the United States) players should be able to select from a range of low ping servers when creating their Geo-Filter.