Call of Duty: Vanguard Server Locations

 22nd Sep, 2021
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Another year, another Call of Duty title – and keeping with the trend, another server location blog.

You may have seen last year we dropped a Call of Duty: Cold War server location blog and Tweet on the day of release, this time we are one upping ourselves by getting the information out before release. But fear not, this blog will continue to be updated with the newest server information on the games release, so if there’s any changes, you’ll know about them.

These are the current Vanguard servers as of the beta – September 2021

With such an established franchise as Call of Duty, we can assume their servers are the same. If you have seen our other CoD server location blogs, you may see some similarities between them. We will keep our eyes out for any significant changes from the beta or new servers when the games go into full release and update this page. But it would make sense that the same set of servers are being used for this year’s release.

The best server for you, is generally the closest one to you – as data needs to travel less distance, meaning lower ping.

The server status also determines the quality of your connection. Just because it is your local server if it is experiencing issues or a surge in players your connection may suffer. If you are experiencing a sudden influx of lag, then check out Call of Duty’s online service status.

If you want to keep more up to date with server location changes or are interested in how we got the information to create our server locations map, then the Ping Heatmap feature of DumaOS may be for you. Check out what this, and all our other powerful features can do for your network and gaming here.

If you are a DumaOS user, Ping Heatmap can be used to find the best servers for you, which can then be included within your Geo-Filter radius. This ensures that you will be connecting to games within this radius – keeping the games close and the ping low.