NETDUMA Apparel is now available

Posted by Test Engineer at Netduma
12 Nov

We have opened our very own apparel store! Now you can represent the #DumaArmy in a variety of clothing and other gear. All profits made from the sale of merchandise will be put back into the NETDUMA user community for competitions, giveaways and prizes etc. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Announcement: Unveiling the world’s greatest QoS

Posted by CTO of Netduma
8 Sep

Tl;dr The next-generation in router QoS has arrived. Three of the most common problems you’ll have with your connection are: Lag spikes and jitter, which can be the difference between winning and losing; Unfair connection sharing, which can cause low quality video or even buffering; High latency from congestion, which can make games unplayable and

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What is lag?

Posted by CTO of Netduma
28 May

Introduction In this article we address and describe the root causes of lag. We have cited papers to backup claims. How do online games work? To understand lag you must first understand how online games work. When you play online games typically all the players connect to the host like so: Each player has a copy of the virtual world

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You had me at Halo…a short story of how Netduma came to be

Posted by CEO of Netduma
17 Feb

Hello and thank you for visiting our very first post. Our blogs will be focused on topics that are of interest to us and hopefully you as well. Namely: Starting a business Technology Gaming Being our first blog it is only appropriate to start at the beginning; how Netduma came to be. As the title

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